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About Us

About Us

Enjoy Tyler is quickly becoming the best source for everything visitors need to know to enjoy Tyler to the fullest. We are the official destination marketing organization for the Greater Tyler area. We work to provide the resources, platforms and opportunities for individual local businesses to market their services and products to a variety of travel audiences, including leisure tourists, convention planners and meeting/trade show attendees.

Enjoy Tyler works closely with Tyler Chamber of Commerce business members to ensure the continued growth and success of our local economy. Many of these businesses take an active role in the development of the city through our cooperative sales and marketing projects, councils, task forces, and committees.

As a result of everyone’s collaborative efforts, the Geater Tyler Area continues to see an increase in overnight spending from visitors, which leads to direct economic prosperity for our local community. Enjoy Tyler is excited to work with more of these groups as we work together to further strengthen our position as one of Texas’ top visitor destinations.

Our Directory Accepts:

Attractions, arts and culture, restaurants and food services, lodging, tours, music and entertainment, recreation, retail and shopping, and also services and hospitality.

Services & Hospitality Members May Include:

Businesses in banking, advertising, printing, food & beverage wholesale companies, airlines, car rental, florists and more.

City Love

We take pride in the city we live in. We love Tyler and want to see it grow in a way the helps our economy, local businesses, and everyone that calls Tyler home.


We're big planners. We love to know about stuff before it happens, this way we can plan effectively.


We know that the most effective way to build the best source of information and knowledge about a local community is to collaborate with others and consider everyone.

Community Reviews

Word of mouth used to happen face to face, now it happens online for everyone to see. Our review system is an integral part of our platform and we value its integrity.